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J Natural Rose Cream

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By moisturizing and nourishing it, makes your skin radiant and fresh. Thanks to its UVA Filter, it protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. J-Natural Rose Cream does not contain any synthetic component, paraben or animal substance.

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  • Those who complain of dry skin and skin that constantly shed hives are recommended to use rose cream.
  • Rose cream can be used for the healing acne and the scars caused by them.
  • Rose cream can be used daily to have a revitalized, shining and natural looking skin.
  • It calms and moisturizes the skin and renews skin cells. Renewal of dead cells preserves skin elasticity and delays the aging of the skin.
  • Rose cream preserves the moisture balance of the skin and excessive oiliness is removed. Thus, the skin becomes healthier.
  • Applying rose cream to the skin is important for repairing the deteriorated structure of the skin that is left stuffy due to make-up and exposure to certain chemicals. In addition, it minimizes the effects of tonics, which are preferred for make-up removal and contain harmful substances such as alcohol.


Formulated using pure rose water. Contains a sun protection factor. Does not contain paraben.